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The Vanguard of the New Southeast Asian Cuisine

During the Jakarta Culinary Feastival event in November, chefs from around the region were flown in to provide a glimpse into each style of cuisine they represented and to showcase the varying flavours from the countries they hailed. The event was described as a, “four-day long culinary festival that will cater to all of foodies’s [sic] dream. Whether it’s participating in live cooking show [sic] featuring international celebrity chefs or signing up to various workshops and cooking classes to s

Peranakan Cuisine: The Most Delicious Food You Never Knew You Were Eating

May Tien explores the historical and cultural impact of Chinese emigrants and the food they brought to Southeast Asia. The information in this article is condensed and part of a larger body of work that is to be featured in an expansive American project on Chinese cuisine. Chinese emigration to Southeast Asia is recorded as far back as the Ming Dynasty when envoys were sent to live and trade in regions situated along the South China Sea. However, it was during the last vestiges of the Qing Dyna

A Beginner’s Manual to Eating Korean Food

As Korean food gains popularity worldwide, food writer May Tien explores the different facets of the cuisine and delves into the varied menu options available in Jakarta. I can’t remember when I first had Korean food. It seems like one of the cuisines my family adopted into our culinary repertoire at a very early stage. My ancestors from my father’s side lived close to the border of the Korean peninsula in Shandong province. Perhaps my affinity for Korean food can be traced back to those early

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